Describe a Time You Used Your Cellphone: Cue Card

Describe a Time You Used Your Cellphone/smartphone to Do Something Important. You Should Say:-

  • What Happened?
  • When Did It Happen?
  • How Important the Cellphone/smartphone Was?
  • And Explain how You Felt About the Experience.

 Sample: Describe a Time You Used Your Cellphone: Cue Card

Needless to say, technology plays an important role in every person’s life. Apart from this, many people use their mobile phones for various activities, like some people like chatting with their near and dear ones.

Other people like to read business books and attend meetings on their mobile phones. And some children also use mobile phones for doing their important assignments and projects.

Here I’m going to talk about a time when I used my mobile phone to do something important. It was around three years before, during growth and MIC.

All shops and markets are shut because of these restrictions of government. Apart from this, there was a complete lockdown, and we are facing very difficulty in buying groceries.

Several times, the grocery shops remain closed, and very limited information is available. Apart from this, one day, my friend recommended using Amazon to buy groceries.

Furthermore, after hearing his. With his advice, I started buying groceries from Amazon with the help of my mobile phone. That was the first time I used Amazon to buy something. And there are lots of things which are characterized in the Amazon.

But I also bought some basic needs like salt, milk and vegetables. It was my first time, and I’m the first user. So I got a 20% discount. I was happy as Lera after getting the discount, and the rate of the grocery is as low as it is available in the market.

I regularly buy groceries for myself, and sometimes I have to go and give the groceries to needy people because they also have adverse ramifications due to the lockdown. So that was when I used my mobile phone to do or buy groceries.

Follow-up Questions: Describe a Time You Used Your Cellphone: Cue Card

Question 1: What Do You Usually Do with A Cell Phone?

Answer:- My cell phone plays an important role in my life; I have several things to do on my cell phone. First of all, I send payments and recharge my mobile phone. I pay for all utensils because it is easy with the help of Paytm. I also use my cell phone for entertainment. I can scroll down YouTube, WhatsApp, and Facebook to connect with my friends and so on. Apart from this, I also use cell phones to call and connect with my near and dear ones.

Question 2: What Are the Differences Between Young People and Old People when Using a Cell Phone?

Answer:- From my perspective, there is a huge difference between the usage of cell phones by adolescents and older people. First of all, talking about adults and adults and huge cell phones for many things. Some children use cell phones to complete their assignments and for doing their presentations. Apart from this, they also use cell phones to connect with their friends on social media like Facebook and WhatsApp and for entertainment purposes, like watching videos on YouTube. The elderly use cell phones for basic things. They can use a cell phone to connect with their near and dear ones because they sometimes live alone, and their daughter or son is working in another city. That’s why there is a difference between the uses of Young and older people’s smartphones.

Question 3: Which One Is More Important, Using a Cellphone to Make Phone Calls or To Read Messages?

Answer:- I am on the fence because both are important in some situations. If a person is busy in a meeting or with important work, it is better to send a message because you can read it easily without disturbing anyone. If they import, if there is an important verb, like having some important. Impotent call or spreading important information, then I prefer to do the call.

Question 4: Do You Think There Should Be a Law to Stop People from Making Phone Calls in Public?

Answer:- I don’t think that a law probates the use of mobile phones by people because it is the right of the people to contact. Sometimes, some people are in an emergency, like an accident or something, so they need urgent calls. And if there is a law that will restrict them from calling, and they are not able to get the medical facilities or their relatives to know about that, apart from this, there are some places where there is a lot not to use the mobile phone like temples, libraries, schools. And that is enough for that. I don’t think that another law is needed to restrict the usage of mobile phones. So we have to adopt others.

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