These Days, Mobile Phones and The Internet Are Very Important to The Ways

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These Days, Mobile Phones and The Internet Are Very Important to The Ways

Ese days, mobile phones and the internet are critical to how people relate to one another socially. Do the advantages of this development outweigh the disadvantages?

Nowadays, automated games and films which contain violent content are becoming much more popular. At the same time, some people believe they have a damaging effect on society and, therefore, should be abandoned. Others, however, feel that they cause no harm and even help individuals to relax. This essay will examine both these views as people copy the harmful content of whatever they watch, and many other people also play computer games for fun and nothing more.

Some think violence in films should be banned because people tend to imitate the harmful content of the movie they watch. In other words, they are easily swayed away by the sinful acts portrayed by the movie characters. As a result, they begin to practice these unlawful behaviours, which can harm society. For example, a research study conducted by a renowned university, KNUST, in Ghana about a popular movie titled ‘Crime in the city’ reported that about 38% of viewers became violent later on.

The fundamental motive behind people’s feeling that computer games are harmless is that many people play games for fun. That is to say, people usually play games during their leisure time and when they want to release stress. They do not get deeply affected by playing games and are not influenced in any way. For instance, I play FIFA games with my peers whenever I feel bored, and I’m not manipulated by doing these tasks.

To sum up, some people think that violence on TV should be banned because people copy the negative aspects of what they watch and practice them. Others believe that they cause no harm since individuals play games for fun.

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