Describe an Occasion when Visitors Came to Your Home.

Describe an Occasion when Visitors Came to Your Home.

  • Who Were They?
  • When Did It Happen?
  • What Did You Do for The Occasion and The Visitor?
  • Explain how You Felt About It.

There are many occasions when visitors come to our home, but today I would like to talk about an occasion when some guests came from Canada and stayed at our home with us.

They were my uncle and aunt who migrated to Canada three years ago. And They belong to the same city, Moga, where we live. They have a very cordial relationship with our family and have two children, a boy and a girl.

It was the time when I had just finished my graduation in 2003, and I was completely free from my studies. It was March, and they came here in search of a girl for their son.

They had come only for two weeks. They have their own house, and we suggested they stay with us instead of living in their house because it was closed for a long time and required cleaning.

We reserved a room for them, which had all the facilities like a double bed, sofa set, LCD TV, and landline phone, so they had no problem and felt comfortable there.

There was an attached washroom with the room for their convenience. Moreover, my mother prepared different types of desserts every day for them because she already knew their likes and dislikes. We also took them to different places for recreation because they were fond of visiting places of interest.

We did everything for their comfort. I spent a lot of time with them, and they shared their experiences with me. They told me how they struggled initially when they migrated to Canada.

They also mentioned that life there is very hard, and jobs are difficult to find, but the government of Canada provides all the facilities to the permanent residents. After two weeks, they went back to Canada.

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Q-1: How do you treat the visitors when they visit your home?

Ans: We treat them very cordially because it is a tradition in Punjab to give a red carpet welcome to the guests. Moreover, we try our best to provide them with all the required facilities so that they could feel comfortable. We keep in view all the things like living conditions and food.

Q-2: Did you experience hospitality from your relatives when you visited them?

Ans: Yes, I remember when I visited my in-laws for the first time after my marriage. Everyone was at home, and they gave me a red carpet-welcome. They prepared various types of desserts for me. All the family members were sitting around me, and they asked about the well-being of my parents. I felt very proud at that time.

Q-3: Did you find any difficulty when some relatives visited you?

Ans: Yes, I remember when one of our relatives visited my house. I am a pure vegetarian and do not drink whiskey, but the relative was fond of drinking. He expected me to give him whiskey, but I was helpless. We treated him very well, but when he reached his home the next day, he complained about me to his family that I did not welcome him well.

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