Describe a life-changing experience you have had Ielts cue cards

Describe a life-changing experience you have had Ielts cue cards

  • Where it took place?
  • Who was with you?
  • What happened & how you feel about it?
  • and explain how it changed your life.

Thanks to give me such an interesting topic. Sometimes we learn the biggest things in our life from little things which gives us an opportunity to improve our self. These little things which teach us lessons may be in the shape of good or bad activities. I also have this kind of experience in my life. I would like to share it briefly with you.

It was about a time when I studied in my 10th standard. I made some friends who was totally irresponsible for their study and they made me like them too. I started spending the whole time with them.

Even I stopped doing my housework. Once the teacher asked me about My homework. I told a lie that I forgot my notebook at home. But i actually I didn’t do any housework. But the teacher agreed and she told me to take copy tomorrow.

I found that it is a good way to prevent our self doing housework. After then, I told daily a lie that I forgot my notebook at home. My teacher noticed me and after 3 days of continuously lying, teacher did a phone call at my home and told all this story to my home.

When I went to my home, my parents started asking me about the note book. I shocked how they knew about it. Then they told that my teacher did a phone call and told all this. They all became so angry.

I was shivering with fear as I have no lie left to tell them. I felt sorry to all. They first became angry and then taught me a lesson that if I will remain in a friendship of bad children, then automatically I grow up with bad habits. That lesson comes with biggest change in me. After that, I left wandering with that friends and started reading which let me on this stage that I have now various opportunities to make my career well and secure my future.

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