Nowadays the Differences between Countries Are Becoming less Evident

Nowadays, the differences between countries are becoming less evident because people follow the same media. Do the advantage of this trend outweigh the disadvantages?

It is indubitable that the discriminations among nations have diminished due to the single media being followed as part of globalization. While few people say that this trend has few deficits, I believe these are negligible in front of the benefits. This essay discusses the reasons why these benefits supersede the deficits.

Because of the tremendous advancements in this technological world, myriad people rely on digital and social media and embrace globalization so that their culinary habits, cultures, clothes, and lifestyles have become almost similar. Also, international businesses produce a plethora of vivid products and advertising on media which lets consumers purchase and adapt to the latest trend. For example, products that were once available only to those who lived in major developed countries can now be purchased by those living in small towns of developing nations with very few amenities. Therefore, this cosmopolitan trend is helping people understand other’s cultures and making this world more developed and diversified.

With the contradiction of sorts, few people say that the media that is capable of apparently making every citizen follow modern routine may negatively impact the culture of different nations. Moreover, few TV programs may show content that is sensitive to culture. For example, younger generations may get influenced by this and may not recognise the value of their origin’s culture. However, if parents were to educate their offspring about their historical customs and traditions, we would eradicate this problem.

To recapitulate, even though the modern trend of embracing globalization through media is making most countries follow similar habits, the advantages of doing so significantly supersedes the drawbacks due to the progressive formation of a more improvised and developed world.

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