Describe an Occasion when You Received a Good Service from A Restaurant.

Describe an Occasion when You Received a Good Service from A Restaurant. You Should Say

  • What Was the Service?
  • When and Where You Received the Service?
  • Whom Were You Together With?
  • And Explain Why You Think It Was a Good Service.

I have visited many restaurants in my country, and they always strive to provide good service to their customers. Today, I would like to talk about the service offered by a restaurant in Amritsar.

It was the time when my brother and his family visited India last year. They had come to India after five years, and all of our family was very excited.

My brother has two sons named Parmandeep Singh and Dilmehakdeep Singh; the elder is 16 years old and the younger is 11 years old. Both my nephews visited India for the first time.

After some days, my brother mentioned that his children were very excited to see the Golden Temple, so our family decided to go there.

It was my brother’s birthday that day, so we went there early in the morning. There was a rush of devotees at the Golden Temple.

We took a bath in the sacred pool, and after that, we went to Shri Sachkhand Sahib and took blessings from Shri Guru Granth Sahib.

We sat there for some time, listened to Gurbani, and it gave peace to our hearts. My nephews were fond of eating pizza, so they asked me to bring them to Pizza Hut.

So, we went to the pizza shop near the Golden Temple, located by the Jallianwala Bagh. Upon arrival, we saw a person in traditional Punjabi cultural dress standing in front of the Pizza Hut.

He gave us a red carpet welcome, and then we entered the shop. There was a very good seating arrangement for families in a separate part of the shop.

An employee there handed us the menu. It was really nice that there was a discount on family pizza; if one bought a family pizza, then they got one free with it. We ordered pizza, and they served it hot.

The pizza was very delicious. The service of the waiters was excellent because they ensured our comfort throughout. Fortunately, it was the opening ceremony of Pizza Hut, and they gave free gifts to my nephews. It was truly excellent service 🍕🎁.

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Q-1: How often do you visit restaurants?

Ans: It depends on the situation because I actually prefer homemade food. So, I go out to eat very rarely. When there is a special occasion like a birthday party, kitty party, or farewell party, then I definitely go to a restaurant.

Q-2: What kinds of restaurants are there in your hometown?

Ans: As you know, most Indian people are vegetarian and prefer vegetarian food. So, keeping in view the taste of the people, there are a large number of vegetarian restaurants where people enjoy a variety of food. There are non-veg restaurants as well, but they are very rare.

Q-3: Which is your favorite restaurant in your hometown?

Ans: I belong to the Moga district of Punjab, and there are various restaurants here where people enjoy different kinds of food. But among them, my favorite restaurant is Big Ben, which is situated in the heart of the city. All the sweets are made with pure desi ghee, and every type of food and beverage is available there.

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