Describe an Interesting Conversation with Someone You Didn’t Know

Describe an Interesting Conversation with Someone You Didn’t Know.

  • Who Were You Talking To?
  • What You Talked About?
  • Why Did You Find This Conversation Interesting?

In today’s life, I meet many people in society who are unfamiliar to me, and sometimes I engage in small conversations with them.

This offers me the opportunity to learn new things and gain insights from experienced individuals. Conversation can be a source of vast knowledge if it is meaningful. Today, I’d like to talk about one such conversation I had with a person when I was traveling to Manila, where my brother resides. 🌍✈️

I started my journey from Moga to Delhi on the Indo Canadian bus. When I reached Ludhiana, a tall person, who looked like a gentleman, boarded the bus and sat next to me. 🚌

As the bus resumed its journey from Ludhiana to New Delhi, he inquired about my destination. I shared that I was heading to Manila to spend my vacations with my brother and his family.

He then revealed that he resides in the USA with his daughter and wife, and was formerly employed in the police department as a DSP before resigning and settling in the USA. 🇺🇸 I mentioned that my father had also been in the police department and had retired a few years ago.

Curious, I asked him why he resigned from his position before retirement. He explained that political interference in the police department’s operations prompted his decision.

I had heard a bit about this from my father but sought to understand more. He recounted how a local politician tried to coerce him into illegal activities, and upon refusal, transferred him to a remote area, even threatening him with false charges.

This revelation left me shocked, providing insight into why some officers resign or face dire consequences under pressure. 🚓💔

We were so engrossed in our conversation that we hardly noticed our arrival at the airport. After bidding each other goodbye, I felt a sense of sympathy for the gentleman, a stranger whose story had touched me deeply. 🛫🤝

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Q-1: What is the benefit of having a conversation with elder and unknown persons?

Ans: Conversing with elders and strangers offers a chance to encounter different cultures, enriching our understanding and broadening our horizons. Moreover, insights from such conversations can provide valuable life lessons that may prove beneficial in the future. 🌐👴

Q-2: Would conversing with strangers be helpful in your education?

Ans: Absolutely, conversing with strangers can be educational, providing opportunities to learn about their cultures, enhancing general knowledge, and improving communication skills. 📚🗣️

Q-3: What are the available sources to keep in touch with strangers?

Ans: Numerous platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, emails, IMO, Instagram, and Twitter offer ways to maintain contact with strangers. Among these, Facebook and WhatsApp are particularly popular for conversations. 📱💬

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