Describe an Activity You Do to Keep Fit and Healthy

Describe an Activity You Do to Keep Fit and Healthy

What is it?
How often you do it?
How you do it?
Explain how it helps to keep you fit?

Sample Answer of Describe an Activity You Do to Keep Fit and Healthy

one has rightly said that health is wealth.if one person is healthy he could do his work with hard work, concentration and dedication.moreover in this fast progressing world everyone is too busy in their life that they have no time to do exercise to keep themselves fit and healthy.I am too worried about my health and that’s why I do exercise daily for some today I would like to talk about yoga which I do every day for sometime in the park situated near to my home.

Yoga has been studied and may be recommended to promote relaxation, reduce stress and improve some medical conditions such as Premenstrual Syndrome, Yoga is considered to be a low-impact activity that can provide the same benefits as “any well-designed exercise program, increasing general health and stamina, reducing stress, and improving those conditions brought about by sedentary lifestyles”. It is particularly promoted as a physical therapy routine, and as a regimen to strengthen and balance all parts of the body.Yoga may improve psychological health. Other research indicated that yoga may have positive effects on mental health. The United Nations General Assembly approved a resolution establishing 21 June as “International Day Of Yoga” following the call for its adoption by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his address to UN General Assembly on 27 September 2014.

The first International Day of Yoga was observed worldwide on 21 June 2015. About 35,000 people, including Modi and many dignitaries, performed 21 yoga asanas for 35 minutes at Rajpath in New Delhi. The day devoted to yoga was observed by millions across the world. The event at Rajpath established two Guinness records – largest Yoga Class with 35,985 people and the record for the most nationalities participating in it—84. so I do this important exercise daily and it gave me very positive results in my health.i always suggested to my friends and relatives to do this exercise.


Q-1: why exercise is necessary for a person in this modern era?

Ans: with the advent of technology and science every country has achieved vast progress and the life of the people became easy.they have not to do most of their work manually but with automated machines.this makes people lazy and they welcome to various to keep fit exercise is the must.

q-2: what is the difference between the life of people of past and present era?

Ans: in the past time people did all their work manually and they had to walk a long distance for going from one place to they did not need any exercise at that time. but on the other hand in this modern era, everything is automated and no one does work manually.moreover, people have vehicles to go from one place to they have less physical movement in comparison to past.

Q-3: what a person should do to keep fit and healthy in this modern world?

Ans: whether a person is too busy with his work nowadays but he should not forget that health is wealth.if a person is healthy then he could do anything in his a person should reserve some time for exercise from his daily schedule.

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