Describe One Time When the Weather Changed Your Plan.

Describe one time when the weather changed your plan.

You should say:

– When this happened?

– Where you were?

– What kind of weather it was?

– Explain why you could not finish the thing

– What you did at the end?

Sample Answer of Describe one time when the weather changed your plan.

The time weather disruption brought to me once was in last year Oct, It was a strong wind. Back in 2019, I was in central Australia, the Uluru giant rock. I took a domestic flight from Adelaide to Alice spring. I and my friend were hoping to go hiking on this historical, epic, and famous rock before its permanent closure due to conservation reasons. How nice that would be to enjoy the breathtaking sunset on the peak of the rock and to create an unforgettable memory.        IELTSData Twitter Page

Unfortunately, the gate was closed much earlier than scheduled due to the unexpected strong wind. We were told by the gatekeeper that the gusting wind exceeded the safety margin. We were so disappointed yet, nothing can stop us to try luck tomorrow. The next morning we woke at dawn, got prepared at our quickest, and arrived at the gate. However, nature wasn’t on our side. The gusty wind was still dominating the weather, we left no choice but to leave the area.

Once again disappointment took us over. To pull ourselves up, a chill morning with a cup of hot coffee and the freshly baked pastry was imaginably the remedy and it was. Good news finally came after a few hours of waiting and monitoring the weather condition. We ended up climbing at our utmost on the steep rock. Our sweat and serval rounds of attempts were all worthy. We were grateful for being dedicated and positive in looking at hardship made us one of the best loving moments to look back.

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