Describe Something You Bought According to An Advertisement You Saw.

Describe Something You Bought According to An Advertisement You Saw.

  • What Was It?
  • Where You Saw or Heard About It?
  • What Was It About?
  • Why Did You Want to Buy It?

Advertisements are an integral part of the business industry 📈. The success of a product largely depends on its advertisement. With the advent of technology, these advertisements are broadcast on TV and company websites on the internet, significantly boosting the economic situation of industries. 🌐

I have seen many advertisements on TV, but today I would like to talk about one that I watched on the Star News channel.

It was about the launch of a new series of wristwatches by the Guess brand. 🕰️ In the advertisement, the brand ambassador, along with the CEO of the company, discussed the various features of the watch.

The conversation was very impressive, and after watching this ad, I was convinced to buy the watch. I shared this with my elder brother who lives in Canada.

Fortunately, my birthday was just around the corner, and he sent me the money to buy the watch, which was a wonderful surprise and brought me immense happiness. 🎁

I immediately went to the market with my friend and purchased the watch. It was water-resistant, so there was no worry if it fell into water.

Moreover, it was automatic and operated with the pulse of a person; no battery was needed, which meant there was no need to change the battery like in other watches.

Furthermore, it has many applications, such as displaying the day and date. It is gold-plated and looks very attractive. I was overjoyed with this purchase and still have the watch, which plays a crucial role in my daily activities. ⌚

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Q-1: What is the role of advertisements in business in this modern era?

Ans: Nowadays, the success of any business largely depends on the advertisement of its products. Whether it’s the film industry, music industry, cosmetics, clothes, etc., advertisements play a crucial role. 📊

Q-2: Do you follow all types of advertisements broadcast on TV?

Ans: Not at all. I do not follow all types of advertisements broadcasted on TV because some are exaggerated in terms of their benefits while being of lower quality in reality. They do this only to increase the sales of the product and earn money. 🚫

Q-3: Did you see any important advertisement on TV that has positive effects on the lives of people?

Ans: Yes, of course. I watched the advertisement about the Pulse Polio campaign run by the Government of India to eradicate the disease of polio from society. I saw the famous actor Amitabh Bachchan promoting the Pulse Polio campaign and motivating people to give polio drops to their children under the age of five years old. This campaign has had a positive impact on public health. 💉

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