talk about an important river or lake.

talk about an important river or lake.

Which water body is that?

How do you know about it?

what is the speciality of that lake? 

Why does it impress you so much? 

India is a land of rivers and canals.some rivers and lakes are very famous among tourists. One can see rivers, beaches, lakes, waterfalls, springs. There are not only the source of beauty also fulfils the need of water for irrigation. Some rivers are also known for their historical importance. both types of lakes are there in our country natural and man-made. today I would like to talk about a lake where I visited several times with my family and is dal lake in the summer capital of Jammu and is also known as” the jewel in the crown of Kashmir” it is a beautiful lake which adds to the beauty of Kashmir.

The small boat or popularly known as Shikara ride is one of the most enjoying experience for tourists visiting Srinagar. You can get Shikara from various locations around Dal Lake. By the side of the lake, the rate chart is displayed. Usually, it will be a two-hour ride which is enough and it will cost you Rs 800 ( Rs 400 per hour ). Do not board a Shikara at the very entrance of the Dal lake, this is a channel type so it will take more time to reach open water. The construction cost of one Shikara is almost one lakh and life of one Shikara is nearly 20 years.

Dal lake is a market itself, during your cruise on Shikara the boatman will offer you various other services offered by different vendors. You can take a photo with traditional Kashmir dress and for this different boatman with all accessories are available, in between the lake they can take your photo and those photos will be delivered at your hotel or houseboat. Charges are the bit higher side where they will be insisting you take minimum 3 photos each costing Rs 150/-.Per Day on average they earn Rs 2000 based on the number of rides they take. The business is for four months starting from April to July. Other than the peak tourist seasons in summer Shikara owners join other business like trekking.

Villages by the side of Dal lake grows vegetables. Here water level is low and you can see various types of vegetables on the small branches while travelling on the Shikara. There are shops selling traditional Kashmiri dress and shawls. These shops are on water and openings are towards Lakeside.

it is situated in the hills in Srinagar. it is an important part of Srinagar which adds its beauty.the water of this lake frozen in winter because the temperature goes down to below zero degrees. my uncle lives there. when I visit my uncle for the first time my cousin and I visited that lake. I was really impressed by the beauty of that lake large number of people enjoyed the beauty. there was also an arrangement for breakfast, diners, and lunch. a number of shops are situated on the edge of the lake. I enjoyed a cup of coffee. it was a pollution free area and one can get relief from stressful life by visiting there.


Q-1: why Punjab is known as the state of five rivers?

Ans: the word Punjab itself mentions five rivers.punj means five and ab mean the earlier time there were seven rivers in Punjab but after the partition of India, rivers are also divided.five rivers have their own importance in their own way.

Q-2: what is the importance of rivers and lakes in India?

Ans: they have great importance because they not only serve as tourist spots for tourists but they are also an important source of irrigation to crops in India.near about 33% of irrigation of crops depend upon rivers and lakes.

Q-3: what should the government do to attract tourists?

Ans: the government of India should develop the rivers and lakes into tourist spots.the government should reserve money in their budget for the development of these rivers and lakes into tourist stations.


Gagandeep Singh Kahlon


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talk about an important river or lake.

talk about an important river or lake.

talk about an important river or lake.

talk about an important river or lake.

talk about an important river or lake.

talk about an important river or lake.



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