Describe the First Time that You Used a Foreign Language to communicate

Describe the first time that you used a foreign language to communicate

  • Where it happened
  • When it happened
  • Who you talked to
  • How you felt about the conversation

Sample Answer of Describe the First Time that You Used a Foreign Language to Communicate

I was learning French in my Bachelor’s degree down the memory lane as a part of an honours program. It was a 3-month beginner course offered by my institute to the top 40 students,s and yes, I was one of them. I was totally thrilled to learn a new language, and I thought it would be a piece of cake for me as I have heard French is easy compared to other foreign languages. This was somewhere around 2010-11… So there were used to extra lectures apart from the regular ones to learn the language…One fine day, I could vividly remember that maybe towards the end of our college had organized a talk show by calling up the native speakers to interact with the students. This was one of the mediums for us to learn how native speakers speak. It was an amazing medium to witness them in a live chat show.

So it happened to be one of the speakers Ms Marie Curie, from the alma mater from the Alliance Franchise Institute, and she happened to be looking for the auditorium entrance. As it was just passing by, she asked me in French where is the talk show taking place; she was surprised to see me replying in French. As I was also heading to the same place, we exchanged our names and gave my introduction (in French certainly). I also mentioned that I am a beginner in French and part of the talk show. She was definitely highly impressed by my speech.
Well,l that conversation did not end there; after the talk show, I asked her for a coffee and took her on a round of university, introduced them to my friends and other fellow teachers. I was highly impressed by how we exchanged our thoughts, and I got o know a lot about the French language, its emergence and history. The talk was very informative…

Follow-ups Describe the First Time that You Used a Foreign Language to Communicate.

Question 1.What do you think of children learning a foreign language?

Answer – Certainly, that’s something which will be beneficial for the children in the long run. Being a multi-linguist would always be an added advantage as his communication and analytical skills will improve. Moreover, in the longer run, employment opportunities will increase in foreign countries. For instance, learning German will help and Indian to opt for jobs in Germany which will be an edge over other who does not speak German,

Question 2.Why are some language classes boring?

Answer – It definitely requires a lot of concentration to learn any other language we are unfamiliar with. Moreover, as these languages are very subjective and technical, the classroom studies become boring. Hence, there are many applications to learn a foreign language, for instance, Duolingo, which is adopted by many along with classroom teaching.

Question 3.Some students hate to learn a foreign language; what can teachers develop their interest in?

Answer – As I have mentioned, the educator must adopt various teaching techniques to make the subject interesting—for instance, a movie screening of that foreign language, plays, webinars with native speakers. Moreover, tutors must make the students understand the importance of learning different languages and benefit them in the future. E.g.: one of my friends has master the skill in Sanskrit and is travelling the world to teach this language to others in a different country

Question 4.Some people travel for learning a foreign language, what do you think?

Answer – Well, this can be an expensive affair as there would be many overhead expenses that will come with learning from your home country. However, the benefit is that it will be given an extraordinary opportunity to learn from native speakers where the pronunciation, lexical resources and grammar can be improved drastically.

Question 5.What’s the best way to learn a foreign language?

Answer – Well, the ideal way to learn a foreign language is by watching movies, listening to songs, and podcasts. I feel Netflix is one OTT platform where if we want to develop basic skills in any language, we can refer to the same since it has movies, series in all languages like Korean, French, Spanish etc.

Question 6. Why can some people learn languages fast while others learn slowly?

Answer – To master any language, it is more of a personal interest that varies from person to person. Moreover, the learning capabilities are different; hence, a person like me who loved French was easy to cope with, but a friend of mine who was least interested in learning took a much longer time to grasp that language.

Question 7.Does one’s age affect language learning?

Answer – Age is just a number. Learning can happen at any age. Language learning is something if it interests anyone. They can begin learning at any age. What matters is self-determination, patience and perseverance at any time to conquer language learning.

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