Describe the First Time that You Used a Foreign Language to Communicate

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Describe the First Time that You Used a Foreign Language to Communicate

Describe the first time that you used a foreign language to communicate

  • Where it happened
  • When it happened
  • Who you talked to
  • How you felt about the conversation.

Well, I like to learn different languages which are being spoken in the different parts of India. Still, I had never experienced speaking a foreign language before 2016 when my company asked me to go for a foreign assignment in Nairobi, so Swahili is the language they speak in Nairobi, and my manager asked me to learn it as soon as possible because none of our client’s word knowing English language or any native language of India. I basically started learning Swahili from the first day and I was thrilled to know that many grammatical concepts were really similar to the English and the Hindi which is a local language in India when I completed my learning of Swahili my manager sent me to Nairobi to conquer the business assignment and I was really happy to know that I was able to communicate properly with the local people moreover it was really beneficial for me to communicate with clients as I was there for the requirements gathering which is a crucial part in any information technology project when I came back from Nairobi I still remember that my clients were still in touch and they really liked my attitude about their local language and culture so I had this really nice experience and I would like to tell you one more incident that on my way back to airport my driver also told me that he had really liked the quality about me that accepting the differences in culture so I still cherish those moments and I really feel proud about myself.

Follow-ups Describe the First Time that You Used a Foreign Language to Communicate

Question1. What do you think of children learning a foreign language?

Answer – Well I like those enthusiastic children who learn foreign languages, but I would like to add one more point over here that children should learn first their local language and then they should try their hands into foreign languages so that they can relate or compare those differences between culture and they can enjoy it as well

Question2. Why are some language classes boring?

Answer – This straight away depends on the educator. I, once in a while, attended a French class and the educator was not able to make the whole class understand a single word, so the class turned out very boring and monotonous as that everybody on the second day disappeared from his class which was very unfortunate for him, but I think teaching methods in the foreign language classes play a vital role

Question3. Some students hate to learn foreign languages; what can teachers do to develop their interest?

Answer – In this technologically advanced world, I don’t think any children hate to learn foreign languages, but few minds resist initially learning foreign languages. I think parents and teachers should motivate them and they should also tell them the works of knowing different languages and how they can conquer in their career by knowing diversity.

Question4. Some people travel for learning a foreign language, what do you think?

Answer – Well, in India, I don’t know many people travelling abroad just for the sake of learning a new language. I know that this is a widespread culture in the western world, but I think that depends on the mentality. It also depends on the financial conditions of an individual, so I don’t condemn it, but I don’t support it as well, so I’m very neutral about this notion.

Question5. What’s the best way to learn a foreign language?

Answer – This is a new no brainer question. If anybody wants to learn a new language, he should definitely start speaking it throughout the day without hesitative he should not be worried about what other people will think about them.

Question6. Why can some people learn languages fast while others learn slowly?

Answer – This is an excellent question, so I would like to give one practical example over here. If you can see my hand over here, every finger has a different height; okay, no finger is similar in our own hand, so how can we expect everyone to be on the same page or of the same grasping power? The reason for telling this example is every child has their own way of learning their own timing and their own grasping power taking their time they eventually learn what they are meant to learn, so I don’t think that we should question anybody’s capabilities or abilities God has gifted a special ability in everyone so I think every star shines during its time.

Question7. Does one’s age affect language learning?

Answer – Well, I don’t think age is a huge barrier to learning different languages or starting a new venture. When an individual is determined and very desperate about his destiny, anyone can learn anything at any age. That’s what I believe.

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