Violence in Society Increases when More Violence Is Shown on Television

Violence in society increases when more violence is shown on television. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

With the digitalisation of media, violence is rapidly published on television, which adds fuel to the fire in the community. I strongly believe in the notion of “seeing is believing” and agrees that a person accepts the visuals actively broadcasted by the television.

Violence is dangerous for our society. Having said that, seeing more of it could cause harmful effects on our minds. Firstly, when violence occurs, it is directly broadcast on our news channels without censorship. Additionally, the content shown by the media has a plethora of disturbing visuals. Secondly, the way it is publicised blows the individual mind into thinking about the dire effects of negativity.

Unfortunately, they are also misleading information relating to those events. Sensitive topics especially related to caste, religion, and race, are not handled gracefully. Debates are conducted to provoke anger and widespread hate among different groups. Inaccurate facts are shown to the audience, which is inevitable and depressing. Consequently, it leads to chaos and could prove to be detrimental to our surroundings. Moreover, it leads to a path of destruction resulting in widespread riots like a bushfire. Thus, it damages the loss of human lives and property.

In conclusion, digital media plays a significant role in creating awareness for its audience. Therefore, it is their utmost responsibility to portray their role in an obedient and civilised fashion without causing any devastation to the world.

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