Describe your idea of starting a new business in your area

Describe your idea of starting a new business in your area

  • what business it will be
  • how you have got this idea
  • what preparation and planning it would require
  • and explain whether you would personally start it or not.

Well, There are every kind of shops already build up in the market and competition im between them is up to it peak point. So, it is not so easy to start a new business and get success even when you don’t have knowledge about it. But if I will have a plan to open my own business, then I will definitely start my career in business with opening a new mobile and laptop showroom. I would like to share with you my will briefly.

In today/s competitive world, one can only get success in his business if he or she has a knowledge of every inch in his business. Because there sre son many investors in the market of every business which go through their business deeply and they have full strategies to run their business. So, if one wants to be success in his business, then he has to use various strategies in order to tackle their competitors.

I will definitely open a business of mobile phone and laptops as I am a technology loved person. I have full knowledge about all the hardware and software of mobile phones as well as laptops. I have my own experience of finding out the exact needs of customers and fulfill their needs with compromising price.

Not only this, I know how to expand Our business through social media. I will provide all latest modern of mobile phones and laptops in my showroom and use various strategies to boost up my business like giving offers, doing advertisements, social sites promotion extras. For starting it, I need a big investment, so I alone cannot this business.

Firstly I will find the partners who can add their shares and have full knowledge regarding this business. Numerous planning regarding a valuable place for showroom, hiring a knowledgeable staff, dealing with companies, promote are business will be made by us before running up this business. I believe that with the proper determination and well planning, we will definitely succeed in running this new business.

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