In Some Places, Shops Are Open 24hours a Day, Seven Days a Week

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In Some Places, Shops Are Open 24hours a Day, Seven Days a Week

In some places, shops are open 24hours a day, seven days a week. Do you think it is good for customers, shop staff and our society as a whole?

These Days we are in a different world. Due to Globalization, where those days are gone like the day is meant for work and night is for sleep. This leads everyone accustomed to adjusting to 24/7 Strategy in their life. Shops are also following this strategy to be available for people who work odd hours in some parts of the world. I personally feel this is an optimistic sign for society and as well as for Staff.

Most importantly, it will create more job opportunities to run the shops at odd hours for the people working in different shifts, which impacts a decrease in the unemployment curve for the country. Moreover, this trend creates a new market and people who run shops think a maverick way to attract people and can see higher profits, as it will work for 24/7 rather than opening shops in regular times from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Shops revenue will be High as they incur in profits which impacts the economy of the country positively.

Staff working night shifts will get Night shift allowances, and some benefits from these employees or workers will be satisfied as they get more perks. Some can oppose this model by pointing out that it is tough to recruit workers or employees who can work in odd hours, but they ignore the fact that by providing benefits to the workers or employees, they can get the required staff needed. This kind of business will help customers get anything they want, which increases the business of shops. Already medical stores are following the same strategy as emergency services, but nowadays, everything is needy. This Creates new competition in the market, and Healthy competition will improve the business of vendors revenue.

I summarize this as a positive sign for both customers and staff as a whole, and both will get benefited from this 24/7 strategy. Customers will get what they need at any time, which is directly proportional to customers satisfaction which is good for shops and will get repeated customers when it comes to employees and owners of shops will be economically fed with higher profits as customers are happy and satisfied.

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