Describe your favorite restaurant

# Describe your favorite restaurant

  • where it is
  • what it looks like from inside and outside
  • what kinds of food they serve



Well, restaurant, when I’m tired from my stress and work that time first thing comes in my mind it is food. In that situation, I prefer to eat food outside as well as, I’m a very foody person and I always think about parties, weddings, and outing. But, here I would like to talk about my favorite restaurant which is in peak position in my list.

It is big ben and, i is located in the center of my city as well as, it is also near to my workplace. It is a three-floor restaurant and the sitting arrangement is extraordinary. There are a number of paintings hang on the walls like paintings of flowers, couple, Sanjeev Kapoor, fruit shakes, ice creams, fast food and so on.

The most important thing, this restaurant is neat and clean as well, all staff members are very co-operative with the customers. With it, they are serving a lot of varieties of food such as South Indian, Chinese, Italian and traditional food also.

Moreover, Big Ben also famous for different sorts of sweets even, when we celebrate any type of happy event and birthday party then, we but cake from here. They also make the cake on the order and, customers choice as well, taste also.

Hopefully, I always prefer to come here with friends and family because there we do not face the parking problem as compared to other restaurants. It is my favorite restaurant the main reason is I like to eat Italian food and, it is the only restaurant which cooks it in the proper way and tastes also as well as, I always suggest this to my relatives and friends because, this restaurant also provides mini hall, family hall and party hall service  there with it, there is room service also available. That the main reason I really like this one.

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