Describe one of your favorite photographs

# Describe one of your favorite photographs

– when the photograph was taken

– what it looks like

– why you like it


Well, I always click the number of photos on different sorts of occasions like a birthday party, wedding, school and college functions. But, now I would like to talk about one of my favorite photograph which I really like.

I remember last year my brother’s wedding that time clicked a lot of selfies with my brother, my family, relatives, and friends. After it, I and my friends went to the garden side and there I saw the number of flowers such as lily, sunflower, all types of roses. The most interesting thing, I love red roses and we all clicked the pictures together but, that time I wanted to click picture alone with flowers and wonderful background.

Suddenly, the photographer came to that place and he clicked photos without my permission besides, when he showed me that pictures I became very happy because of the view.

That day I properly dress up and dress also suits me. Well, I explain a little. That time I wore red color floor touch gown it was a simple gown and, I did a high messy bun as well as, I also wore golden bangle earrings. Most of my favorite thing I wore red high heels footwear.

Interestingly, I stood around the red and blue roses as well as, full background covered with greenery and, that showed me and beauty of nature which thing I really like. This picture is hanging on the wall in my room. My family members also love this photograph as well, when I see this picture I remember all the moment even, I never forget this picture and wedding of the brother rest of my life.



Describe one of your favorite photographs wore red picture



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