Health Experts Believe That Walking Is a Good Exercise

Health experts believe that walking is a good exercise for health. However, people are walking less nowadays. Why is this happening? How can people be encouraged to walk more?

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Regular physical exercise is a vital part of maintaining our health and well being. Yet, we are Regular physical exercise is a vital part of maintaining our health and well being. Yet, we are walking much lesser per day than our parents and grandparents used to do. This essay intends to look into the causes behind this phenomenon, and suggest some ways to motivate people to walk more.

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There are many reasons why people shun walking. Firstly, everyone is very busy nowadays. There are too many pressures and people have become workaholics. Another reason is that everything is spread out. We live far from the places we need to go. We have to drive to work. We have to drive to the grocery store. We have to drive our children to school. More time spent driving, means less time spent on other activities, including walking. On top of that, we don’t walk because the car is right there. In short, we drive because we no longer have to walk. Finally, most people who want to walk but don’t, is because it is not safe to walk. Modern cities are not built with the pedestrian in mind.

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To encourage people to walk, it has to be made safer. People need to feel that walking is a safe, pleasant and convenient way for short journeys. If walking feels like a dangerous hassle, no one would like to walk. Why would somebody choose to walk the half-mile to the shops, if they have to wait at three or four separate ‘red man’ lights to cross one road, while their neighbour who took the car gets to cross the same junction in one go? The onus is on the governments to redesign the cities and have pavements on sides of the roads for people who wish to walk.

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Furthermore, people have to be made aware of the potential health benefits associated with regular walking. Walking is good for our brain, our fitness, our memory, our longevity, our blood pressure, and our general health. This can be done through the media such as the TV and the Internet. Parks can be made and maintained by the authorities to encourage people to go for morning and evening walks.


To sum up, there are many reasons why people don’t walk, but effective measures can be taken to motivate people to do so.

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