Some People Believe It Is Better to Raise Children in the City

Some people believe it is better to raise children in the city, while others consider the countryside to be a more suitable choice. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Sample Answer of Some people believe it is better to raise children in the city


It is commonly believed by many that kids should rise in urban areas for a better future, whereas others think that a rural field is more viable and preferable for them. I reckon a mixture of city and small town bring a huge advantage in children’s lives although the city is the best place to grow them. Firstly, this essay shall discuss that developed cities offer numerous opportunities and competition to enhance one’s skill, secondly, it will argue that hamlet areas are the ones who teach youth how to survive in certain conditions.


People from the countryside always want to move from their origin to the city to gain wealth, personality, productivity, and creativity. Metropolitan areas are the most hotspots since its development as it offers a vast amount of jobs, better education systems, and a platform for either sport. Schools in the city area produce competition among kids so they have pressure in good wave to utilize the opportunity. For instance, schools in Ahmedabad teach one or more extra international languages to boost children’s capability at an early age. Thus, urban areas offer more opportunities and easy access to technology which play a vital role in mould children’s future.

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On the other end, village life for young people is more challenging and extreme due to the unavailability of better technology and sound infrastructure. In such conditions teach survival techniques and make them strong for any excessive challenges of life. Life around the countryside is attached to nature and tropical part, which really help toddler to develop better and familiar with certain conditions which really adorable. Therefore, experience or village life is most important.


To conclude, children should have wide and vivid exposure to the world if they rise in megacities and abundant opportunities to develop a great future.


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