In Many Countries, Plastic Shopping Bags Are the Main Source of Rubbish: Writing Task 2

In many countries, plastic shopping bags are the main source of rubbish. They cause water and land pollution, and so they should be banned. To what extent do you agree with this statement?

It is a debatable issue among the masses whether plastic bags used in any kind of shopping, whether it could be grocery, clothing, packaging, should be banned or not. Few people are proponents of the idea that pollution-causing plastic should be restricted in order to save nature, while clamours are also heard in society from those who oppose it. I, however, gravitate to the former view and shed more light on my view of why plastic use should be prohibited in forthcoming paragraphs.

To commence with, we have ample reasons to ban plastic to avoid land and water pollution. The mammoth conspicuous reason is the blockage of the drainage system. As single-use plastic never decomposes, so it remains there in the form of garbage. Furthermore, due to improper handling, plastics are stuck in the drainage system, which can cause a flood-like situation if it is not removed on time before the rainy season.

Additionally, it is also causing a natural imbalance. Marine life is in great threat as they are eating plastic dumped in the sea or oceans. It is putting many marine species in the endangered zone. It is not limited to marine, but land animals, as well, are eating plastic from garbage is thrown on roads which results in they can die due to suffocation or indigestion. Moreover, it is making land infertile.

To recapitulate it, strong laws need to be brought into force and made mandatory to stop plastic usage. A hefty fine should be imposed on defaulters, and the required license should be revoked if any shop or organization promotes plastic. Grocery or mall shops should encourage people and promote paper bags or cloth bags. NGOs can play a vital role in educating people and explaining the benefits of other options on plastic through roadshows or plays.

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