In Many Parts of the World Children and Teenagers Are Committing More Crimes

Ques : In many parts of the world children and teenagers are committing more crimes. Why is the case happening? How should children or teenagers be punished?

Sample Answer of In Many Parts of the World Children and Teenagers Are Committing More Crimes


Not only are the issues related to juvenile delinquency is increasing in several parts of earth is known to us but its colossal consequences are appearance since long. However, this menace can be tackled if sincere efforts are put by government and individuals so that future is sustainable.


 Undoubtedly, the root cause of this peril is modernization due to this individuals did not spend enough time with their toddlers. An epitome of this they indulge in a bad society and start doing crimes. Subsequently, children deprived of their moral values and they did not have a feeling of patriotism.

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Needless to say, the  situation becomes adverse due to increasing the ratio of illiteracy nowadays because it’s not everyones cup of tea  to provide education for their kids by the reason of these children start doing pickpockets in various places to get their bread and butter. But this dilemma can be resolved just by taking some simple but concrete steps like thereshould be some punishment for teenagers like penalizing them as a social worker.


Another plausible stride to fix dissuade is corporal  punishment should be given to culprit according to their crime. Moreover, send them into old age home where they have to serve for old people while serving for them their mind get divert and they can differentiate betweengood and bad society.


To core it out, There is ample reason due to which children become criminal but there should be some punishment for children which make them a kind person.

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