In Many Parts of the World People Look up Their Family History

In many parts of the world, people look up their family history. Some people think that researching previous generations is a good idea, but others think it is better to focus on the present and future generations.
Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Knowing about tradition and culture plays an important role in one’s life. Concerning this, several people opine that it is wise to research one’s family background; however, others oppose this view and look for their present and future generation. Upcoming segments are going to elaborate on both contrasting views along with relevant examples and explanations.

To embark with, there is an abundance of advantages of researching family background. Through this, one can get to know about many hereditary diseases. After analysing the past, an individual can identify such diseases and be equipped with precautionary measures, either homoeopathic or allopathic. Consequently, they could be able to flatten the curve of genetic problems. For example, my mother is suffering from migraines that are genetically passed to me also from my grandmother. We also came to know that eating bitter fruits is the best remedy to reduce this severeness of this wicked problem. Hence, past analysis is an important task.

On the Flipside, people like to live in the present and look after their future rather than dwelling in the past. Because the past is past, and no one can alter or modify it. As such, dragging history along is of no use. Instead, they love to live with whatever they have and makes the future more greener for their kin. Moreover, being optimistic and equip with resources to face future uncertainties is another outlook of people with this ideology. For instance, people save money right now for medical emergencies or the marriage or education of their children, which are going to occur in the future. As such, it makes greater sense to focus on the future too.

To conclude, taking past family information is not a hard and strict rule. Instead, it is clearly dependent on one requirement; although, prepare for an uncertain future is vital. Therefore, people should be ready for it.

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