You Are Working in a Universal Organisation

You are working in a universal organisation. You need to stop this activity of yours. Write a letter to your supervisor. In your letter

· Why do you need to stop

· At the time when you need to leave

· What did you like about the organisation?

Dear sir,

This is Vikas, working as an accountant in the town Street branch at Ludhiana. I am writing this letter to put it in your notice that I am going to resign from the job due to personal problems.

Actually, the crucial reason behind this spontaneous decision is my mother‘s unstable health. She is a heart patient, and one side is completely paralysed during the last stroke. Presently, she is not only on bed rest but also unable to do any chore by herself. Moreover, my father is a government official; hence, no one left except me to look after her.

It was really worth working here. I get to learn career as well as personal developmental skills during this tenure of working. Furthermore, the participative form of leadership style prevailing in the organisation is at the top. One more thing, after my mother’s recovery, I would again like to serve for your prestigious firm, if possible.

Here is my one-month advance notice, and on upcoming 9th of August will be my last day. As such, I would like you to clear my all dues and provide me with the experience certificate.

Hope for the best!

Yours Sincerely,

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