In Some Countries, Owning a Home Rather than Renting One Is Very Important for People

In some countries, owning a home rather than renting one is very important for people. Why might be this the case? Do you think this is a positive or negative situation?

In the modern era, people possess their own home instead of giving rent to others in a few countries. There are some factors for such type of thinking. According to my point of view, adoption of this trend is very advantageous for the personal growth of any human over its drawbacks which I want to emphasize in detail.

From ancient, we heard that there are three basic needs of human-like food, cloth & home, so it is the basic requirement of any human for his personal home to settle down their lifestyle very comfortable. Nowadays in many urban cities, rental fees are rapidly increased & some times more than half of the earnings spend on a rent house. So instead of wasting such type of earnings, every people have a dream to buy their personal home which gives them savings of funds as well as the adoption of personal property. In our home town, it has a culture that if you want to marry a good girl you have your personal home & some farming land so from that we can realize the importance of the personal house. More ever if the people have their personal home, they have the freedom to not follow the rules of the landlord, and they can do the renovation of any kind of Activities in their home as per their desire.

However, if we discuss some negative factors, many middle-class people get the loans from the bank for developing their own home with paying back a large amount of interest to many years to private as well as government bank and nowadays home loans are dramatically increased which is always a burning question for society. Many peoples are unable to pay an instalment of a home loan which implicate a penalty of extra money & depression of their own mind.

In conclusion, I believe that purchasing a personal home is a very good experience & long term it has many benefits which outweigh its some negative factors so generally, it is worth to own a personal home instead of giving rent.

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