In Some Countries, People Are Forced to Retire when They Reach a Certain Age

In some countries, people are forced to retire when they reach a certain age. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this?

In recent decades, the retirement age should be decreased due to various reasons people are getting retired forcefully when they complete the cycle of retirement. Therefore sufficient period is the most crucial among individuals. However many may see it as a positive phenomenon, but it’s not attending without drawbacks. While it is clear that, apparently, age should measure while taking someone out from the job. It is also true to say it may bring disadvantages as well. I would like to explicate it at length in the coming paragraphs.

Undoubtedly, there are significant benefits that people get to retire at their particular age segment that practices bring immense development to our country. First of all, numerous job seekers have incredible talent and seek the desired job when older people are removed at a certain age. This leads the productivity rate to skyrocket with the help of innovative ideas by youngsters. As a result, the unemployment ratio should be declined, and every company tends to faithfully increase their growth rate. Moreover, another advantage is that the body’s capability cannot work correctly at a certain age. People face significant health-related issues during their work. If these old people move forward to retirement age earlier, it helps to manage their life and also remove the stress and address and reduce their pressure, so they easily enhance their living standard. They can survive on a pension which is suitable for their future. For instance, according to a survey report in the USA, thousands of people retire forcefully when they reach 60 because most people suffer from health problems and cannot perform better in their work. Therefore, a country will always be sure to maintain the life expectancy among its citizens because of this policy.

Despite the benefits, some aspects of retirement age may be genuinely damaging to the country. For instance, when the whole country was suffering from the corona pandemic, a well-known research team gave theirs contributed to finding an antibody against the virus, including all senior scientists and made vaccinated people. Because older people have immense knowledge and experience to find plenty of alternatives in a short period. As a result, the chances of survival would be high, while younger recruits are unable to do that. In addition, a great experience and knowledge of the senile people achieved numerous benefits to society than young staff.

After looking at both sides of the coin, it can be concluded that the retirement age must be vital to upgrade the community and helps to enhance the economy of the country; therefore, the government must set eight criteria for all categories.

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