In Some Countries, the Average Weight of People Is Increasing, and Their Health and Fitness Levels Are Decreasing

In Some Countries, the Average Weight of People Is Increasing, and Their Health and Fitness Levels Are Decreasing. What Do You Think Are the Causes of These Problems, and What Measures Could Be Taken to Solve Them?

As it says, Health is Wealth. Many great counties seem to have overweighed people who need to focus on fitness for their greater future of themselves. A number of reasons are based on increasing weight, which will be discussed further in the essay.

To begin, attending a completely unhealthy lifestyle are the main cause of increasing weight. Overloading with work leads to other reasons of overweight. For instance, employees are given loads of work stick glue on the chair. Providing no physical workout for the body increases weight. Fast food has been a major reason for gaining weight. For instance, items made with flour and lofts of bread and consuming pizza. Eating food with high fat can be another reason. Due to time spent at work, most of them tend to rest for mental peace after work.

However, there are a number of methods where the individual can take care of their health by giving enough time to the body no matter how busy their schedule there is. Keeping the body in regular motion can help reduce the risk of cardiac arrest. A basic exercise routine should be finitely followed, or if got enough time, extreme exercise can be chosen. Concentration is best at work, but at the same time giving rest to the mind is also needed. For instance, taking regular breaks of the lowest 10 mins after spending hours on a chair. Many applications and facilities are available for health check-ups, which even guide people to diet according to Hight and weight.

To conclude, Due to many reasons the average weight of many countries is seen increasing while they should always balance life with routine exercise or basic activities.

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