It Has Been Suggested That Everyone in the World Want to Own a Car

It has been suggested that everyone in the world want to own a car, a tv, and a you think the disadvantages of such a development outweigh the advantages?

Sample Answer of It Has Been Suggested That Everyone in the World Want to Own a Car

The paradigm shift is responsible for making people’s lifestyle luxurious. So to lead a comfortable life, people want every amenity at their homes, such as a car, a tv, and a fridge. In my perspective, the demerits are greater than the merits for adopting such an attitude.

At the outset, people purchase cars, fridge or tv to lead a comfortable life. Moreover, it is a status symbol. So they purchase these items. Individuals buy cars to move freely from one place to another, saving their time. Besides, having a fridge at one’s home assist people in preserving the food items for a long time. Now there are extra features in fridges to keep the products fresher even if masses use those after many days. So this thing has reduced wastage of food, and the workload of a person as people can use the left food and don’t need to work in a kitchen for long hours. In addition, television has made them updated, and it entertains the people. So it is a stress buster for them, and people enjoy comedy programmes and other shows.

On the other hand, although it has made the life of a layman convenient, simultaneously making them couch potato as well as leading a sedentary lifestyle. To elaborate, commuting by private vehicles make people more indolent as they dislike to go on foot and even visiting nearby places they use their own means of transport. Furthermore, it also enhances pollution as every member has their own modes and several increased vehicles make the air pollution, as well as the place, gets congested. People usually get a victim of respiratory diseases due to the toxic fumes of the automobile. Now and then, they get skin allergy, so this thing creates environmental hazards too. In addition, binge- the watch is another factor that makes people obese, and they become a victim of cardiovascular diseases. What’s more, eating preserved food is deteriorating the health of the people and CFCs, when released these gases also pollute the environment. So everything that is overused is making the life of people worse.

To conclude, it is ostensible that people want to lead a prosperous life, so they purchase and, consequently, contribute to making their lives worse and escalating environmental pollution.

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