It Will Be Better for Society and Individuals if Driverless Cars Are Widely Used

It will be better for society and individuals if driverless cars are widely used. To what extent do you agree or disagree with the statement?

Over the decades, the world has religiously scrutinized the implementation of artificial intelligence into every sphere of human life. Here a few people think that driverless cars will be advantageous to the citizens and the community. I strongly disagree with this statement because introducing fully automated cars into the market will lead to a significant amount of unemployment. Apart from that, security issues and machine errors lead to detrimental effects on society.

Primarily, the introduction of self-driving cars causes a huge unemployment crisis in countries. The people who depend on driving to make a living may find their careers obsolete. Those in the trucking industry, bus drivers, taxi drivers will all need to find new employment. Fast food delivery and Uber drivers would also find themselves replaced by automated cars. In my own experience, my uncle is currently working as a driver, and he has some health issues, so he cannot do jobs with heavy lifting, and he is the only earner at his house. For example, in the covid pandemic lot of people lost their jobs and opted for the job of ambulance drivers because the need for drivers has increased.

Secondly, automated cars have fundamentally functioned under the control of artificial intelligence. Thus the probability of shutting down the system involuntarily or system collapse can occur. These possible drawbacks might be fatal to the traveller as it is completely automated. For instance, the first fully automated car stopped itself while running and got fired. However, it is true that self-driving cars have increased driving efficacy and reduced traffic congestion, but in my opinion, automatic cars are not really mandatory to society. 

In conclusion, implementing automated cars in society is recommended by a lot of people. I firmly disagree with this notion as it will directly impact job scarcity, and incorporating artificial intelligence into daily life might be lethal because it is driven by robots, not humans.

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