Today, the Life Expectancy of People Is Much Higher than Before

Today, the life expectancy of people is much higher than before. Some people think that older people should continue to be involved in the workforce. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It is irrefutable that average lifespan of human beings has increased with the advancement in It is irrefutable that average lifespan of human beings has increased with the advancement in medicine, leading to discoveries and treatments, every day. I agree with the statement that elderly people should continue to work till a later age. I shall support my point of view in the upcoming paragraphs.

Firstly, looking at it from a country’s economic point of view, increasing the retirement age will help decrease the government’s burden on providing benefits for the elderly. For developing countries this is very beneficial, as the workforce will contribute towards the country’s economy and the government will need to spend less on providing retirement benefits to senior citizens, such as senior citizen discounts, healthcare benefits, travel benefits, etc.

Moreover, working till a later age will be very beneficial to the elderly, at an individual level. They will not need to depend on anyone for their needs. Also, they’ll be busy and involved in work, which will help tackle the old-age problems of loneliness and depression. These days the family members do not have the time to spend with the old members of the family, which leads the elderly to feel isolated. Increasing the retirement age will, to a great extent, reduce this problem.

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The opponents of this view believe that the old are not physically fit for much of the stressful work. Some also say that since they have worked all their lives, it’s time for them to enjoy the later years of life, away from the pressures of work. I, however, believe that to enjoy in the later years too, money is needed. So, even if they work for fewer hours, it is a necessity.

Overall, an increase in the retirement age, will benefit the country, society as well as individuals. Voluntary retirement offers can be set up for those who wish to retire early, due to their health or other circumstances.

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