Many Adults Nowadays Prefer Spending Their Free Time Playing Computer Games

Many adults nowadays prefer spending their free time playing computer games. Why do they do this? Is this a positive or negative development?

With the advent of information technology, many a person across the globe spends their spare time playing video games rather than outdoor games. This essay will delve into the negative aspects of this new trend and try to arrive at a rational conclusion.

Nowadays, most people leading a hectic-life style and do not have enough time to involve in outdoor games since they prefer computer games for their relaxation, which is an activity seen as cheap and comfortable, but the populace may get alienated from society. In addition, the high quality and realistic features of video games have inclined the youngsters to engage in indoor activities, which could affect their physical health. For instance, a person looking at an electronic screen for a prolonged period may invite undesirable health issues such as vision impairment, back pain, and lethargy. Moreover, computer games require a minimal level of mental activity and feed users small bursts of dopamine that keep them occupied and entertained for hours.

Furthermore, many games may have disturbing themes, so it likely affects mental peace. For instance, a recent study shows that persons, who spend most of their time enjoying virtual plays, may suffer from depression and anxiety issues in the long run. Nevertheless, although playing virtual games may create social isolation and health disorders, virtual reality improves problem-solving skills, and technology-based knowledge is a fact which should not be overlooked.

In short, the main reasons for playing computer games are easy accessibility, hectic lifestyle and hi-tech properties, and so on. This attitude arrests adults from socialization and vulnerable to different health troubles. Ergo, I firmly believe that this trend creates a negative impact on society.

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