Some Feel that It Is a Waste of Time to Plan for The Future

Some feel that it is a waste of time to plan for the future, and it is more important to focus on the present. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Thinking and accordingly planning for the future is the most crucial thing in order to become a successful life. Some believe that it’s entirely a waste of time if people think about the future instead of focusing on the present scenario, which is more important. I totally disagree with the statement and will discuss my points in an upcoming paragraph.

To embark upon, there are several reasons why thinking about the future is more necessary rather than the present. First of all, it is worth considering that planning for the future keeps a person motivated throughout an entire life and sooner or later, he/ she will leave no stone unturned to achieve a goal and become a successful person in life. During this drive, they will be more diligent and agile. Secondly, creating innovative ideas, sentiments and applying them in future will encourage them to save money in future projects instead of wasting a hefty amount of money on the project which they want to deal with on the spot. Consequently, this will disappoint and discourage them.

Illustrating further, if they concentrate more on their goals, then one day they will achieve happiness and contentment in life. Owing to this, without hurdles or challenges, no one can gain luxurious life. So, those who focus more on the present scenario will definitely be perplexed in future. For example, my friend cleared an exam of IIT because he has a clear cut picture in mind that he will clear this in order to become a meaningful person in life. He was doing hard work while he was in high school. Hence, it goes without saying that people who plan ahead are the ones who really taste the fruit of success.

To recapitulate, it can be deduced that success can merely be gained if the masses can focus on the future. Though it may be a little stressful, ultimately, they can achieve a happier life.

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