Many More People Are Choosing to Live Alone Nowadays than in the past

In Some countries, many more people are choosing to live alone nowadays than in the past. Do you think this is a positive or negative development?

In recent times it can be seen that the majority of the people are adapting to reside alone in several countries. This change is rapidly growing, especially in urban cities. This essay agrees that it is a symbol of positive development.

In today’s modern world, one needs to have its own space as an individual. This can be wholly achieved from the fact that a person solely lives without the influence of anyone around him. Consequently, the person can live his life according to his conditions without any interference from the outside world. This can prove beneficial because the decisions are entirely taken by them or without anyone’s influence. Having said that, it can make a person more independent in his thoughts and decisions throughout their lives.

Additionally, this rising trend is more common in urban cities. This is primarily because people usually migrate towards metropolitan cities for a better standard of living. For instance, getting a good job, an individual stays distant from his family members and relatives. This is quite motivational for better execution of his long-term goals, which profoundly impacts his whole family. Henceforth, life can push him towards extreme challenges, which in the long run can demonstrate the desired set of goals.

In concur, living alone can state a person to get out of his comfort zone and execute his targets without any aberration. Hence, it is a sign of positive development.

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