Many People Claim that Parents Should Place Restrictions on The Hours Children Spend Watching Tv

Many people claim that parents should restrict the hours children spend watching TV and playing video games and encourage them to read books more. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Many children are developing an interest in so many activities these days. Though some are educative, others are not. As such, some people opine that guardians should reduce the number of hours youngsters watch TV and play video games. They believe that children should rather spend more time reading books. From my perspective, I somewhat agree with this notion because although watching television can negatively influence children, playing video games is equally important to the child’s brain as reading books.

On the one hand, most TV stations show content that can negatively affect the child’s behaviour. Without a doubt, most screens show seductive and violent movies these days in an attempt to attract viewers. Children who watch these tend to emulate what they see on these screens. For example, most children bully their colleagues at school because they try to imitate some violent content they watch. Similarly, some youngsters involve themselves in an illicit sexual act at a younger age because of a film they might have watched on TV. Such content on TV leads children to develop bad habits, and parents should place a limit on them.

On the other hand, parents should not restrict children from playing video games because they are equally crucial to the brain as reading books. Although most people negatively perceive playing video games, it offers myriad benefits similar to reading books. What’s more, playing video games enable youngsters to follow instructions in real life, help in taking a prompt decision and help in the overall development of specific centres in the brain. To buttress this point, recent research shows that playing video games significantly improves a particular part of the brain as reading books does. Therefore, guardians should allow children to play games as they would for reading books.

In conclusion, while reading books is suitable for developing the brain, so does playing video games. However, children should not be allowed to spend too much time watching television as this can affect their behaviour.

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