All Education (primary, Secondary and Further Education) Should Be Accessible to All People

All education (primary, secondary and further education) should be accessible to all people and paid for and managed by the government. Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Education makes a person able to earn bread on butter. It has been suggested that it should be given free of cost at primary, secondary and tertiary levels. I’m afraid I have to disagree with it as a child can get free education for up to 14 years. For senior secondary and tertiary education, if the government manages money, other sectors will be neglected, such as medical, employment etc. Moreover, free education will not make people proud of their degrees.

To commence with, if a significant share of the government’s budget is utilised on providing free education to all, a state must cut spending on other areas such as medical and employment. To elaborate, when a youngster passes their senior secondary or graduation, they do a job either by passing any entrance exam for a classical post or a managerial one. Then, young minds can bear their expenses, namely fees of further study, grocery and to name a few. Therefore, if the government provides free education, it will enhance its financial burden, and it will not be able to offer advanced medical facilities to the public. Nothing good will be done to reduce redundancy.

Moreover, if it is accessible to all, the public will not understand the usefulness of higher education. They will not strive hard to clear the exams. Paying fees will remind them of their duties to study hard and obtain a higher status. That feeling they will get after working hard a lot can be experienced otherwise. For instance, when a student passes a more elevated level exam such as IAS or PCS. They recall the conditions they shared and how they adapted to run their home and pay university fees. So, these things make them feel proud.

To conclude, making education accessible to all up to the university level will be impractical for the government. Primarily, individuals will not be able to get good medical treatment due to the government’s lack of funds, people will not do hard labour to clear exams, and the underestimation of education is visible. The feeling of pride in oneself cannot be experienced, especially when the masses get a higher destination after sacrificing a lot.

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