Many People Leave Their Home Country and Go to Other Countries to Live and Work

Many people leave their home country and go to other countries to live and work. Why do you think it is happening? Do the advantages of this trend outweigh its disadvantages?

Nowadays, more and more people move from their native land to other developed nations in search of good job opportunities and to settle. This essay would delve into the possible reasons behind this new trend and pros and cons of this change and try to arrive at a rational conclusion.

First and foremost, people from the under developed countries prefer to move to the developed nations for better education for their children and a higher standard of living for the whole family. For instance, many families are moving from India to Canada and Australia for their betterment of life standard. In addition, it is very difficult to get a job in home country due to the lack of employment opportunities which encourage people to move to more progressive countries in search of works. Finally, thousands of people have lost their homes and live in fear due to political unrest and war. To exemplify, in recent years, many Syrian refugees immigrated and settled in Europe due to instability in their native places.

This approach is considered to be beneficial according to some people in terms of comforted lives and securing a better future for their kids. Working overseas would enrich and broaden the life experience of the workers and their families. They could have the chance to visit many great and historical places in the new country, learn a new language and make many new friends.

Nevertheless, although immigration to overseas shows many advantages, their drawbacks should not be overlooked. Firstly, the people who work abroad do not contribute to their own country’s economy. To illustrate, the migration of skilled people to other countries has slow down the development of countries like India. Secondly, if the youngsters are living away from families in a highly competitive environment leads to a stressful life that provoke adolescents to commit serious crimes. Finally, the children and older people have to experience cultural shocks when they migrate to a new country.

In short, shifting to a new country may create retardation of native country economy, irritating life of teens and culture adaptation problem, but it provides world-class education and career opportunities, people can learn a second language accurately and quickly, growing friend circle. Ergo, I strongly believe that the positives of leaving home country outshine its negatives.

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