The Construction of New Residential Buildings and Office Buildings Is Not Monitored

In many cities, the construction of new residential buildings and office buildings is not monitored. This leads to people building in any style without thinking about design. Do you agree or disagree with the given statement?

It is observed that in several urban areas, construction is not regulated in building new housing and office buildings. This leads the people to make their homes and factories in any shape and style. I agree with it and elucidate the justification of my standpoint in the upcoming paragraphs.

First off, Lax regulations make people build their homes in any shape and style. Due to it, some people construct their homes vertical or in a horizontal way. So, urban areas sometimes become congested when buildings are flat, while sometimes, people build their premises too tall, bringing casualties to the masses and have a lot of financial loss. This all happens due to the negligence of the government. For example, when people make renovations or build new residences, they do not consider it vital to take permission from the government, like creating a map or design to construct a safe building. They know that corruption is rampant, so they are allowed to build in any shape by bribing the officers. Besides, the government shows its power in case any mishappening occurs, such as an earthquake or flood.

Furthermore, building offices in the centre of a city makes it more congested. Also, they do not comply with the laws of paying more attention to the safety of the employees as well as residents. Constructors build skyscrapers and factories that are related to ammunition or chemical plant in the residential areas. Any single fault can cause significant damage. The people can bear the financial loss, but the loss of human lives is irreparable. So, in such cases, stringent laws are needed. If there are rigid laws on building offices, then entrepreneurs will remain alert, and they will build on the outskirts of urban areas. In addition, there will be no symmetry, and a city will not attract people to visit it. Because sometimes, urban areas are renowned for their heritage sites. Thus, it was lost its popularity, and the government’s economy will also decline due to fewer visitors. So, governments intervention is more needed for the people, people in business to build their premises.

To conclude, Thus, any government must take strict actions against those who violate the rules and are more vulnerable to its heritage sites beauty by building their homes and factories in a disorder shape as well as close to these sites. This must be done to ensure the safety of the public and valuable places.

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