Modern Societies Need Specialists in Certain Fields, but Not Others

Modern societies need specialists in certain fields, but not others. Some people, therefore, think that governments should pay university fees for students who study subjects that are needed by society. Those who choose to study less relevant subjects should not receive government funding. Would the advantages of such an educational policy outweigh the disadvantages?

It is undeniable that this advanced society of scientists wants some specialists in specific fields but not others. So there is a view that authorities should donate the fees of sophomores for those subjects which are needed by society; however, those who are learning less relevant issues should not be benefited by government funding. There are both pros and cons to this situation. If asked, I disagree with the given statement because the demerits outweigh the merits. My inclination is discussed in further paragraphs.

To begin with, discussing the disadvantages of the educational policy of paying fees for students in some required fields, the biggest one is that, if government implement this rule then those youngsters who are not interested in that specific field which is providing financial benefit to them they are going to take admission in that field. This is because some do not have enough money for advanced study in any stream, so they choose to study uninterested subjects. For instance, sofa more wants to learn the business subject, but he or she decides to do engineering because of relief in University fees.

Secondly, no one has the right to choose which stream is required for society because every stream of education is essential for today’s world. Furthermore, instead of spending money on some courses which are less well known to social authorities, should use those funds for other work of the country. Moreover, this proposal for an education system creates a disturbance in the community, where else a community requires experts in each and every field of education. Such as teachers, doctors, artists, managers and many more.

To conclude, there are many demerits of giving scholarships to some fields of professional; however, in today’s society, no occupation is introduced as non-relevant to the education community. Hence, each and every branch is valuable for societies, so the disadvantages outweigh the advantages.

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