Money Spent on Developing Technology for Space Exploration is Not

Some people think the money spent on developing technology for space exploration is not justified. There are more beneficial ways to spend this money. To what extend do you agree or disagree?

Sample Answer of Money Spent on Developing Technology for Space Exploration is Not Justified


Few of us believe that the funds we use on the advancements of technology for space research are not helpful for people. We can use these funds in better ways to help mankind. I partially agree with this as space exploration helps humans in many ways.


Firstly, space technology is very helpful for our advancements, as lots of things our scientists can control by sitting in their research centers. They have found new planets like Mars where life is possible after earth, even they have found water on the moon. For instance, 12% of people from the USA have booked their plots on Mars, which is one of the best things that has happened for us. Secondly, we are sending so many satellites to space which further helps humans to know the weather forecasts and possibilities to identify tragedies like typhoons, tsunamis, or even heavy rain or no rain. That is further helpful for our farmers to plan their farming and can save humanity from drastic damages done by typhoons and tsunamis.


On the other hand, these researches are quite expensive, developed countries like the USA can easily invest money in these projects. But for the developing nations, it’s not easy to put their funds on this. They cannot even provide common facilities like proper transport, infrastructure, and education to their citizens. So for them, it’s better to raise this amount on building proper infrastructure rather than investing in space programs. For example, so many countries in Africa are struggling to provide basic needs to their pupils, so instead of focusing on planetary science, we must help these underdeveloped nations.


Therefore, in the end, aerospace science has a huge impact on bringing comfort to mankind, and in many ways, it helps scientists to forecast coming misfortunes and save us from these horrible tragedies. We must think before investing too much into these kinds of activities as we need to look after other underprivileged people.

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