More People Are Getting Money and Buying Their Own Cars

More people are getting money and buying their own cars, do the benefits to the individual Outweigh the disadvantages on the environment?

Past few decades, salary amd wages rates have been rose. People use earnings money on perchance stuff; hence, it made their life easy, one of the greatest instances is buying a personal car. I believe that it carries more advantages for individual than disadvantages for nature; my inclination will be justified in the following paragraphs along with a logical conclusion.

On the one hand, having a car has several individuals benefits. Firstly, in this contemporary era, humankind life became faster than a couple of back generations time, we can see the majority of people have a busy work schedule, have an own car yield time flexibility, a person can travel anywhere by their mood and time as well whenever he or she wants. Secondly, four-wheel gives a shield against bad weather and unexpected atmosphere on travelling time moreover; people can go anywhere in any season, even on rainy days or raining, which is impossible by motorcycle. Finally, more than one person fit comfortably in a car; it saves vehicle nourishments and economically beneficial.

On the other hand, running cars is deleterious for the environment. Usage of the car has sore around the world which forges traffic congestion; thus, people waste precious time additionally, car emissions co2 and carbon monoxide that is deleterious for the layman, as well for broke down oxen layers these two gases are behind the reason. Noise pollution is also a negative point. In addition, rapid use of it is the main reason behind rising petrol and diesel rates; people use the car for a short distance and for unnecessary way; as a result, some scientists also predicted that nourishments of it vanished in the future.

To summarize with, it seen that, buying own car after got resources have been increased. I believe that other factors and cars solve environmental tribulation is not one and only thing furthermore it is a positive development for individual and community as well. Travelling by car is beneficial for a person, especially in bad weather and long journey and route as well; it yields time flexibility; however, it forges air and noise pollution, which is seen in an urban area, and it is deleterious for the human race.

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