Describe a Time When You Got Into Trouble

Describe a time when you got into trouble. You should say:

what type of trouble was it?
How did you get into it?
How you handled it?
And explain how you felt about it.?

I remember that it was a few years back when I was playing during my summer vacation, so I used in I miss u I have just bought a new mobile new Android mobiles new Android mobile from the market just one day before I take that I get more of the phone while for whitening tips while going to play cricket on the ground playing, so I was kept my mobile in my vehicle so after completion of top 10 have completed their played for two hours in the two-hour in the evening so when I am returning when I used to return from my from I to my vehicle and when I used to take my mobile from my vehicles I didn’t find it panic as I was just enough and that I have lost my mobile, so I just have talked around talkative other people around my vehicles and told him that the rain has anyone who has taken my mobile from Delhi to my vehicles.

Still, it was very it was too late to ask to them stole my mobile challenging situations for me how should I tell this to my parents searching for mobile now tell the truth that I lost my mobile while playing cricket really I felt really very describe an at a point because this was my new mobile.

It was very precious to me, and it was the theme for it was not into a very costly also and it was not easy to buy easy to get mobile but in the end parents both me and tell me that don’t worry we will manage this situation. They will come off from is situated soon.

Part 3 Follow-Ups Describe a Time When You Got Into Trouble

Question 1: Do you like helping others?

Yes, I love to help others because Helping Nature is very good if you have because if you help somebody then definitely that that person will definitely help you back whenever you need them even if we know if even if we don’t help you back then the good person in helping each other so we will definitely give you a gift letter so never think or never think that what will do if I have thing has that person what I will get in back everything contact help each and every person whenever if you could able to help that person good habit if you have that in your life.

Question 2: In your view, should children be taught to help others?

Yes, definitely children should be taught help others because Helping Nature having a Helping Nature is very good habit new children suit help others whenever the cool able to help they should definitely help. They should be given a presence and standing of helping each other and benefits of helping each other they should we should advise them to understand. Through that you should help your friends or family members fever whenever they required any help from your side yes in my point of view definitely children should be taught to help others Helping Nature is a very good have habit in one life.

Question 3: How can we encourage children to help others?

Well, you can give them examples of illustrations of your old life help plz help one of your friends. He was really urgent need of the Hour urgent need of something and at that point talked to me and asked me for the help so I am forgetting hello in written well I get a huge smile on her face that what that is what the main important thing in your life rather than to getting any help back from accepting the help from that person so you should always help your friends or subordinates whenever if you whenever they required any help to you should always help if you could able to help so you will definitely get your benefits in future everything on that at what we will get in return always help each other.

Question 4: Do you think people are less willing to help others these days compared to the past?

I think the same nowadays the peoples are very busy with their own work. They don’t have many people helping you are happy so should read after get rid of from this so because of this reason they don’t have that person, in my opinion, I should tell that necessary that you few if you are able to help them to table definitely need to held at personal letters with their investors then also you can help at least with some proportion of a that for him that this amount would be the very big boring because of such reasons people are not helping the not helping each other.

Question 5: Do people trust others as much as they used to in the past?

No, nowadays people do not trust as that of past because past people respect each other very much and they have a very great trust between them, so they definitely help them time when you were the people leave help, but now the situation is something very different peoples are very busy in their own work schedules animal comedy live comedy in informing the bob show. Peoples are very few interactions with each other. They do that water on individual e it OT The Lost trust of the people because of this reason record that he could not help each other whenever they need help, so I have trust with a touch with the people whenever they need.

Question 6: How can charitable organizations help people?

There are many different ways that charitable organizations help needy people, like by donating food, clothes and providing shelter to them because that day, I feel very happy that someone is helping the needy people. They do not want anything back in return. People earning a high salary should definitely donate to the organizations because they always help people to needy people whenever they require any food cloth or shelter health help them.

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