Nowadays, Distance-Learning Programs Have Gained in Popularity

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Nowadays, Distance-Learning Programs Have Gained in Popularity

Nowadays, distance-learning programs have gained in popularity. Still, some people argue that online courses can never be taken as well as those taken at a college or university in person. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

In the modern era, Distance education programs are more popular rather than physical classes. On the other hand, Many individuals think that the online education system is not as good as offline education. I agree with this statement and discuss my views in the paragraphs.

Firstly, Most individuals take online education on a priority basis. They do not want to go outside to attend physical classes in universities and colleges. Do they believe that if everything is available at home, then why do we go outside to take offline courses? However, It has many disadvantages. Children use modern technology like Mobile phones and laptops for distance learning purposes and waste a large amount of money on internet packages. It has many other harmful effects on kinders. They spend a lot of time on cell phones playing games and watching movies rather than studying. For example, 2000 people were affected by mental illness using these technologies last year, BBC news coverage. Hence, people lose their mental ability and face different types of health issues.

Furthermore, the online education system is a big reason for the lack of knowledge because distance education cannot provide the good knowledge which we are taking by attending physical classes. It is a major cause of the reduction of face-to-face interactions. Our colleges and universities provide all experimental services which are more helpful to enhance our knowledge as well as increase our mental skills. Moreover, Our confidence level will be increased. We learned how to handle difficulties by facing problems.

In conclusion, Although online education is a good service for individuals, it has some bad effects on the new generation. At the same time, offline education is always best in every situation and judges our skills very efficiently.

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