Parents Should Encourage Children to Spend Less Time: Writing Task 2

Parents Should Encourage Children to Spend Less Time on Studies and More Time on Physical Activities. To What Extent Do You Agree or Disagree?

With the constant modification in outdoor activities. It is generally argued that guardians should motivate their children to perform more physical exercise rather than studying or not.

Commence with. There is not merely one but basketball causative factor in how outdoor activities are fruitful for youngsters these days, of which the most prominent one is it assists them in reducing stress as well as anxiety. This is because if parents encourage their children to perform various physical exercises in their routine. It is a justified boon for them as it is a superior approach to reducing stress. Take Canada as an epitome, which showed a majority of loved ones motivate their toddler to perform physical activity. Consequently, it is constructive development and brings drastic improvement in mankind’s life.

Another benefit of outdoor activities is the higher scope of physical activity nowadays. Due to this, the guardian should motivate their child to be involved in these activities. In other words, performing outdoor activities is advantageous for them as youngsters earn a handsome amount of capital from physical exercise and is beneficial for reducing depression. For instance, parents should force their children to do more physical exercise as due to this youth can earn excessive amounts of money because of their higher trend these days. As a result, earning money to cater to their needs is fruitful.

Despite the several merits of sports, spending time on studies is beneficial as youth can get ample knowledge and become renewed. To elaborate more, because of the myriad of information and knowledge in books. A guardian should encourage their offspring to attain knowledge from it as it benefits them. In addition, it is fruitful for the nation to increase the GDP and decrease poverty. Education is a powerful weapon. Therefore, it is also favourable for the nation and society’s children.

Having concluded, although children can get umpteen of knowledge from books if parents encourage their offspring to do more physical exercise, then children can easily earn a renowned amount. Which is good for reducing stress.

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