Describe an Invention that Has Changed how People Live: Cue Card

Describe an Invention that Has Changed how People Live. You Should Say:-

  • What Is It?
  • How Has It Changed People’s Lives?
  • What Benefits Did It Bring?
  • And Explain if It Is More Important for Older or Younger People.

Sample: Describe an Invention that Has Changed how People Live: Cue Card

Indeed, necessity is the mother of invention because technology and several things are invented that make an individual’s life more convenient. Here, I would like to shed some light on an invention that is a justified boon. The name of the invention is none other than a mobile phone.

Walking down memory lane, I vividly remember when I was in elementary school. I came to know about this invention from my Father, as he is a technophile. A person apart from this at that time told me the plethora of advantages of this invention as he told me that it is a superior way to communicate with their near and dear ones and distance is no longer a barrier.

To be very honest, I was at the top of the world at that time. Furthermore, as I am a photoholic person, my Father Said that Smartphones can also capture the valuable memories of individuals. Besides this, it modifies the individual life by not solely communication. The masses can easily send payment from one place to another without any chance of fraud.

Being a student, I am also besotted with cell phones as I consider Google and YouTube as worlds of knowledge. Due to this, I prefer to watch umpteen videos on YouTube to enhance my education to communicate properly.

In addition, because of the breakthrough in Smartphones. Individuals preserve time as well as money as while traveling people waste their money and time. However, these days, individuals meet with their near and dear ones via video calling with a single click and save time as nowadays technology become part and parcel of every person’s life.

It is beneficial for all age groups as senior citizens can utilize cell phones to listen to religious songs because it is a good source of entertainment. On the paradoxical side, if I talk about youngsters honestly,

In this contemporary era, mobile phones have become the best friend of Teenagers as they spend most of their time with it and even do their studies at home with the assistance of a mobile phone. To cut a long story short, this invention makes an individual’s life more convenient.

Follow-ups: Describe an Invention that Has Changed how People Live: Cue Card

Question 1: How Has Technology Made Our Life Easier?

Answer:- Well, that’s an interesting question because of the myriad of reasons how technology has made the life of an individual bed of roses. Firstly, it saves time and money for the people, and due to this, it is a great blessing for mankind. However, as I talk about myself being a scholar, technology aids me a lot as because of this, I can easily attend my classes by sitting in the comfort of my home.

Question 2: Which Invention Do You Think Is the Most Useful at Home?

Answer:- Without any second thought, Every invention is equally important to each other. If I talk about electricity, it is a kind of breakthrough in that an individual can easily work in light even nowadays the charges for electricity are so negligible that everyone can afford it. Apart from this, I deem that without the invention of electricity at home, an individual’s life seemed like a night without a moon.

Question 3: Is It More Difficult for Old People to Accept New Technologies?

Answer:- Well, because of the illiteracy of grey-haired people, it is arduous for most individuals to accept technology. Nevertheless, I talk about my grandmother. She is a retired government teacher, and due to this, she knows all the ropes of technology and performs several tasks on a computer in a few seconds.

Question 4: What Can Be Done to Help Old People Learn to Make Use of New Technologies?

Answer:- As far as I know, according to my perspective. I deem that the government should spread awareness among old individuals in society to tell the ins and outs of technology. Moreover, as youth are developed, they should teach old people about technology.

Question 5: Will Our Life Be Better if We Live without Technology?

Answer:- Definitely not. As I said earlier, an individual’s life looked like a night without a moon. If it happens seriously, I will not survive in this environment as I become addicted to technology. If there is a power cut for just two minutes. I feel down in the dumps and am on the verge of tears. Hence, technology plays an indispensable role in my life.

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