Some People Think That the Government Should Invest

Some People Think That the Government Should Invest more money in teaching science than other subjects to make progress. Do you agree or disagree?

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It is irrefutable that scientific knowledge is increasingly important in our technological world and in the It is irrefutable that scientific knowledge is increasingly important in our technological world and in the practical world of jobs and careers. Therefore, some individuals opine that government should spend more resources on imparting science education. However, I disagree with this view. I firmly believe that in a technological age the study of arts and humanities is probably more important than ever and so these subjects should be given as much importance as is given to science.

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Undoubtedly, the study of science is essential. Science is the study of the world around us – by learning science we learn all about the world that we live in – how things work, what living things there are, how things happen, etc. Science helps us to become less gullible – there is a lot of wrong information on the television, the internet, and in rumours – if we learn the truth by learning science, we won’t fall for all those hoaxes and superstitions.

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On the other hand, studying the arts and humanities can help students become better scientists. For example, recent studies of cognitive development show that studying music at an early age can strengthen a child’s later grasp of science. What is more, understanding philosophical concepts has helped scientists recognise their scientific research areas more accurately.

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Secondly, we all need some spark and beauty in our lives that only the study of arts can bring in. Studying the creative and intellectual achievement of others helps inspire our own creativity and intellectual questioning. This is particularly important in an era dominated by science and technology, where we run a serious risk of becoming automatons.

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Finally, we need the study of arts to help us select what is worthwhile and ethical. Technology is valuable as an efficient means to our important goals. But neither technology, nor the science on which it is founded, decides which goals are best, or judges the moral value of the means we choose for their attainment.


In conclusion, I reiterate my opinion that governments should not devote lesser funds to the arts and humanities. These areas of study augment and enhance learning in science, as well as help to preserve the richness of our entire human legacy while inspiring us to further it. Moreover, disciplines within the humanities provide methods and contexts for evaluating the morality of our technology and for determining its proper direction.

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