Holding International Games Such as The Olympic Games Is an Exciting Event

Holding International games such as the Olympic Games is an exciting event. Some people think it has positive effects while others argue it is a waste of money. Discuss both sides and give your own opinion.

People are divided on the issue of hosting the Olympic Games. Some individuals opine that it is advantageous People are divided on the issue of hosting the Olympic Games. Some individuals opine that it is advantageous to host such events, whereas others believe that this could be detrimental to the host country. This essay shall look into both arguments. I, however, side with the former view.

There are many advantages that can ensue from hosting such events. To begin with, such events would mean a lot of international tourists, which in turn would mean a lot of tourist dollars. For example, during the Olympics, many athletes, spectators, officials, sponsors and broadcasters come to the host country and spend money on hotels and restaurants. What is more, the country also earns by selling tickets and selling souvenirs. Additionally, many people get employment because of the jobs related to hosting such events. For instance, there are many new jobs in construction projects of stadia and hotels and also in advertising related to such events. All this improves the overall economy of the people and the country.

Furthermore, the host country gets recognition in the whole world because of media exposure. It is also an opportunity for the host country and its people to know about the culture of other countries. This broadens the outlook of people and helps to make them true citizens of the global village of today. Last but not least, the infrastructure of the host country develops at an accelerated pace. For example, when New Delhi hosted the Commonwealth Games, many flyovers and stadiums were built which changed the overall look of Delhi and now, all these new facilities are being enjoyed by the local people of Delhi.

On the other hand, it is also easy to see why some people are opposed to hosting such events. The main reason is that the development of that part of the country is at the expense of other parts. This is because the government of the host country usually allocates resources from other parts of the country to that part. Another reason why people are against such events is because of the Olympic drain associated with such events. In other words, tourism in the neighbouring area suffers, as all visitors are attracted towards the host city. Finally, crime is another factor why people don’t like such events. When many people get together at the same place then there are chances of petty crime and the host city needs to hire more police officers.

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Looking at both arguments, it is clear that there are both – advantages as well as disadvantages of hosting such events, but on the whole the pros far outweigh the cons.

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