People Who Cause Their Own Illnesses Through Unhealthy Lifestyles and Poor Diets Should Have to Pay More for Health Care

People who cause their own illnesses through unhealthy lifestyles and poor diets should have to pay more for health care. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion

In the past few decades, mankind put more weight on health care. These days, a number of people have poor diets and unhealthy lifestyles; as a result, they are suffering from the deleterious disease. Many people believe that they have to pay extra for health care. I disagree with the given notion, and my inclination will be justified in the following paragraphs, along with the logical conclusion.

There are various reasons why they do not have to pay more than others. First and foremost is that equality in the community. Medical services are never iniquitous to a person’s meal charts and lifestyle, and it is the same for all. If doctors charge more from them, then there are a high chance that it will forge a society into two parts, healthy and unhealthy people. Additionally, it will affect the psyche of the person. Secondly, it will be a burden for the middle class and penurious people who have health issues. Moreover, there are other various options to overcome this problem. Finally, as people are paying various taxes to the bureaucrats, it is their responsibility to yield affordable medical services to the citizen.

However, rising health-check up charges from those who have unhealthy diets would motivate others to shift toward protean and nutritious contained food. Furthermore, there are various alternatives way to keep people healthier.

In conclusion, the debating question is what change makes people healthier. In my view, increasing fees for an unhealthy lifestyle and poor diet patients can be changed their mindset, and it is good for the community that it stays the same for all people.

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