People Who Read for Pleasure Develop Their Imagination

It is believed that people who read for pleasure develop their imagination more and acquire better language skills compared to people who prefer watching television.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

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It is argued that masses who read for fun become more creative and attain better linguistic abilities than the people who like watching television. I completely agree with the former Ideology because they encounter different situations in reading and the usage of varied sentence structure makes them able to use not only in reading but also in writing as well as in speaking too.


Generally, it is seen that if people read any story or play for entertainment purposes, they come across different kinds of sentence structure and they come to know how the sentences are used in a line and how another sentence can be made by following the rules of grammar. In this way, they enhance not only language skills but also become innovative. To exemplify, when they read any kind of printed material at a relaxed time, they become able to develop a story or a play which is equally beneficial for them in acquiring other skills like writing, listening, and speaking too.

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On the other hand, television entertains people. Although people listen to the dialogues of various characters they are unable to identify the exact sentence structure because they do not pay attention to it and watch it only for entertainment purposes. Moreover, they get selected episodes and in this way, they remain deprived of getting knowledge about other areas. Thus, they can not develop creativity. For example, people watch only comedy shows and now and then, they watch the news and sometimes they prefer to watch sports. They do this activity only for a limited time. Thus they can not generate situations. But, when they do reading they get familiar with different situations and different sentence structures and they become innovative and learn language skills.


In conclusion, reading for pleasure is good to get linguistic abilities and also to become innovative. By reading folk visualize things and try to interpret the situation in a different way.

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  1. Over many years since the ancient times the vedas or any epic has been read in gurukuls or any schools has been a source of knowledge or inspiration and it would create the better imigination, compared to what people learn by watching through television.

    In this essay we would be talking about the learning through books and learning through watching television. As it has been considered that reading books for pleasure creates the thought evoke and its will inspires or builds a long term learning as what a person is reading reads with lots of interest. As in ancient days the all learning were done through books only as it helps a person to be imaginative and builds a long term learning that lasts long.

    But over the period of time the learning of books has been considered as an orthodox way of learning and watching television people found better way of learning.

    In my opinion the best way of teaching and learning methodology is the books and they are considered to be the best friends of humans and while reading books inspires the human mind and soul.


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