Popular Hobbies and Interests Change Over Time to Time

Popular hobbies and interests change over time to time and are more a reflection of fashions and trends than an indication of what people really want to do in their spare time. To what extent do you agree with this given statement?

The majority of the human race do some activities that make them ecstatic as well as relax for a routine lifestyle. Hobbies and interests are personal matters although it changes from time to time, the past few years it seems that non-specialists shift or stick with famous activities and hobbies over personal choice in their leisure time. I agree with the given notion, and my inclination will be justified in the following paragraphs, along with a logical conclusion.

On the one hand, there are numerous reasons that illustrate that a host of humankind worldwide goes with trends. Firstly, in this contemporary era, showing to others and compere with others that are most of the citizen doing, people believe in show up and for status go with fashion and trends furthermore, sometimes it assumes that if they not drifted with it, then some group avoid them. Secondly, for this reflection advertising play key role, citizen tries to follow the famous or successful businessman and celebrity via advisements. For instance, nowadays mountains bike trips are famous especially in north India, a person goes there for trend and shows to their relatives and friends.

On the other hand, around the globe, abundant people avoid shifting with fashion and go with their desire things in their spare time. Hobbies and activities are soccered us as relaxation; personal choice makes exuberant. Additionally, abundant of a successful celebrity or a business person also advice to do things in that we feel zeal and zest. For instance, in India, a myriad of play cricket play the same game in childhood; over time, trends do not restrict them to self preference.

To sum up, from time to time famous interests and choice is change, personally prefer to trends and fashion rather than what actually they want to in their free time. I agree with the statement that most people do it for status and life with up to date trends, in the personal preference person can enjoy it.

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