You Want to Start Your Own Business: GT Wariting Task 1

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You Want to Start Your Own Business GT Wariting Task 1

You want to start your own business. Write a letter to a friend. In your letter:

  • tell him/her about your business.
  • explain why you think it is a good idea.
  • ask him/her for some help or advice.

Dear John,

I hope this letter finds you in good health. I am delighted to share that I finally decided to quit my job at Smith Industries, as it was tedious and had an immense workload, cumbersome for my personal life and pursuing my childhood dream of becoming an entrepreneur.

After thorough research, I chose to commence a restaurant in my locality. It inculcates diverse cuisines from all over the world, such as Chinese, Mexican, and Italian, infused with our Indian flavours. I am considering appointing two chefs and five waiters as my employees, and it will operate from morning to serve breakfast and conclude with dinner at night.

From my perspective, I believe it is an excellent notion to open a multicuisine restaurant, as people in our residency are fond of eating, and it is a huge commercial place. I got a chance to survey some of the individuals residing in the nearby areas and was amazed to find that each individual is fond of eating and craves different recipes.

Furthermore, you opened a similar hotel last year, and it is overloaded with customers. Hence, I request you to guide me with different types of foods that can be served to the customers and the management of the entire business. I will visit you in the upcoming week, and let me know if there are concerns.

Thank you in advance, and look forward to meeting you soon.

Best Regards,

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